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An increasing demand for search firms with both a local and international presence is predicted for the 2020s. We have 19 years’ experience of hiring Managing Partners, Partners, Associates and Researchers for executive search firms in 36 countries.

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19 years’ experience of hiring

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We can help your growth strategy in your current location and anywhere else in the world; whether it’s finding individuals, moving a team, or identifying another search firm to merge with or acquire.

Internationalise via a Global Network

Joining one of the 35 international executive search networks is the route with the lowest cost to instant international expansion, with minimal risk.

Around 1,500 search firms are members of global networks because it’s the most profitable way of winning additional, international business with negligible business development and operational costs.

Having spoken to all of the networks, we can identify the most suitable one for you or set one up for you.

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