The Team

Whilst rebranding and expanding, we are finalising additions to our global team, so please forgive some ghostly blanks for now!

Many have worked in the executive search industry for 20 years plus. It is this knowledge and depth of experience which helps us care for our clients.

We have worked in 36 countries and speak 25 languages

ALC Enable’s team includes strategists, researchers, marketeers, translators, consultants, client partners, and others.

We have worked in 36 countries and speak 25 languages natively. Based in four continents and six locations around the world so far, we offer a truly global service.



Tim Connolly


Tim is involved in several business and charitable ventures besides ALC Enable, including the first ever inclusive Non-Profit to raise the profile, standards and reputation of the global executive search industry, to be launched in October 2021.

With a background in film, theatre, and publishing, he established the ‘Creative and Media’ practice for a London executive search firm in the late 1990s.

Whilst there had been a plethora of unreliable quality and largely transactional recruitment to recruitment and search to search firms, he identified the need for the highest calibre advisory firm to holistically partner with executive search firm owners on every aspect of business strategy and growth.

Consequently, Tim established ALC Enable in 2001, surrounding himself with some of the world’s leading experts in business challenges facing executive search firms, from marcomms to technology to M&A. These specialists have impressive backgrounds from Mckinsey, Boyden, Odgers, Korn Ferry and others.

Tim’s role is focused on continuing the global expansion of the business and creating new initiatives to help future-proof the executive search firms through the 2020s.

Outside work, Tim has been addicted to running, with a 3 hour 12 minutes personal best marathon time and keen to smash that once he can get the bones in his foot welded together again and lose 20kg! He is fanatical about 1980s and 2020s music, a passionate skier, an okay chess player, a below-average children’s magician and the least prolific stand up comedian on the London circuit, averaging one gig every 2.5 years to date.

Adam Steward


Adam has been working within the executive search industry, UK and worldwide, for the last 17 years, running his own business and more recently working for ALC Enable as a Managing Partner.

He heads up the delivery responsibility for various assignments, as well as spearheading some of the client development activities.

He lives in Hertfordshire and grew up locally, having spent a few years in Athens at a young age when he was bitten by the travel bug and developed his passion for gastronomy. When he is not discovering new geographies and sampling world cuisines, he likes to wind down reading magazines on fast cars.

Ulrike Kloffel


Ulrike has been working in executive search for 15 years as a Senior Researcher and Senior Associate as well as a delivery and BD consultant in various sectors ranging from life sciences/biotech, retail, media, FMCG, construction, professional services, legal and technology to IoT and e-commerce.

At ALC Enable she heads up the delivery of various client assignments as well as running the talent pool that provides freelance researchers to executive search firms around the world.

Ulrike takes pride in her personable approach and follow-up with candidates that goes beyond the closure of assignments.

As a native German speaker, Ulrike also jointly leads ALC Enable’s expansion within the DACH region, delivering ALC Enable’s strategic and executive search services to German, Swiss, and Austrian clients.

She has been a complementary practitioner of Amatsu Therapy almost as long as she has been a headhunter and enjoys both in equal measures. Having studied English literature, she is to this day an avid reader as well as a dog-lover enjoying long walks with her Jack Russel, Casper.

Katarzyna Masłakowa


Katie runs and improves the firm’s processes and operations. She oversees the daily functioning of the team making sure things are done with the utmost quality and efficiency.

She also promotes effective communication both internally within the organization and externally, with a particular focus on mental health awareness.

Katie has a degree in English Literature and Language, as well as a degree in Film, TV, Drama, & Theatre. She moved to the UK in 2012, having previously lived in Poland and Russia.

Prior to joining ALC Enable, Katie worked as a teacher and an event videographer. She speaks several languages including Polish and conversational Russian and Spanish.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys dancing, filmmaking, playing tennis, and traveling.

Aleksandra Trpchevska


With a business and executive research background, Aleksandra’s responsibilities include international research, data management, and business intelligence. She also supports the relationships with our Strategic Partners.

She has lived in the US and holds a degree in English Language and Literature. She speaks several languages including English, Spanish, and Macedonian, with working knowledge of Italian and French.

In her free time she enjoys travel and dancing, as well as reading personal development books and suspense novels.

Claire Camu


Claire’s role is focused on data and talent intelligence.

She leads various projects and assists the team through research, managing data, and providing support to business development efforts. She works closely with the COO to ensure excellence in terms of our delivery to our clients.

She was born and raised in the Philippines, moving to the UK to join her parents in 2008. She holds an MBA and acquired a Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma focused on Professional Consulting in 2020.

Her favourite way to relax is reading biographies and mystery novels, and spending quality time with her family and friends. She also enjoys travelling and exploring Europe, particularly Italy and Austria.

Wiktoria Miller


Coming from a retail and management background, Wiktoria is responsible for marketing and communications, including the promotion of internal comms, team collaboration, and wellbeing.

Her objective is to create more awareness for ALC Enable’s mission to future-proof and support the executive search industry, encouraging it to adapt and become more forward-thinking throughout the 2020s.

She is based in Poland where she indulges in her love for DIY, design, oil and watercolour painting, and her passion for human geography, culture, and languages.

Ivona Smilevska


Ivona’s responsibilities include supervising the research and talent intelligence across the business, as well as supporting our branding and marketing.

Based in Macedonia, she has an executive search background and previously also worked as a Child Care Specialist and a Customer Support Representative whilst studying English Language and Literature at university.

Her interests include painting and sketching. She considers herself an introverted soul and spends a lot of time reading literature and poetry. She also enjoys cycling and loves nature.

Monika Smilevska


Monika’s responsibilities vary from business critical data, business intelligence and market research to building and maintaining talent pools.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and has previously been a school teacher, describing it as one of the most rewarding and challenging of occupations.

She has also worked in customer services, sales, and in the hospitality industry. She also spent a few months in Cape Cod, working as a Sales Manager and taking in the ocean view.

Moni enjoys quality time spent with friends and family, a cup of warm peppermint tea, listening to K-pop music, and riding her bicycle through the streets of Skopje with her little sister.

Andrea Tasevska


Andrea supports our client development, as well as research and speaking to candidates, setting up and scheduling interviews.

She makes use of her psychology degree both in and out of the workplace with all her interactions.

An early highlight of her professional career was working with refugee children at one of the Macedonian transit centres. Her focus then shifted to project and team coordination leading to her role as a recruiter where she communicated on an international level with a variety of job profiles from many industries.

Located in Skopje and dreaming of a quiet life by the lake, she fills her free time with photography, embroidery, and all things DIY.

Anupama Antony


Anupama is supporting the team with all things research-related whilst studying Business Administration.

Before joining ALC Enable she was a private tutor, teaching high school students mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

She is based in Kerala, India and enjoys experimenting with healthy cooking and creating various works of art.

Aleksandra Jurukoska


Aleksandra manages content curation and editorial for the business, supporting the Founder and the team with thought leadership pieces and social media, as well as being responsible for website content, proposals, and other documentation.

She joined ALC Enable after working as a recruiter for the Dutch energy trading industry. In each previous job her BA and MA in English proved very useful, whether as an IELTS/TOEFL instructor, teacher, translator, or medical reports administrator and editor.

Her interests have always been in the space where poetry and the visual arts come together. She spends her days in her hometown of Skopje writing and reading poetry, fiction, art and literary theory.

Olivera Miteva


Olivera is supporting the Founder with a number of new initiatives and service offerings for the business, researching their viability and initiating their launch.

After obtaining her degree in e-business from the Faculty of Economics in 2018, she worked as a recruiter for a Dutch company in Skopje, where she lives currently.

Olivera is not shy about sharing her love of musicals and superheroes. She also enjoys discovering the world through books and travel, and would never say ‘no’ to a sizeable cup of coffee.

Blagoja Tomashevski


Blagoja is the team’s go-to research and tech support guy.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia where he lives and works today. Whilst a student he spent some time in Germany for work and travel.

His love of video games spawned an interest in 3D modelling and video game development. He also has a passion for cooking and intends to remain a life-long learner and discoverer of new things.

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Strategic Partners

Christina Campbell b_w

Christina Campbell


A seasoned Career Transition Coach since 2009, Christina offers bespoke career advice programmes to senior executives across industry sectors and functions.

With a background in executive search, working at Spencer Stuart for 15 years as well as for a London Boutique, she understands the executive search industry and the leadership within it. Christina has helped Managing Partners and Partners moving from one executive search firm to another or looking to transition from industry into executive search and vice versa.

In a search industry context, Christina is clearly able to understand and assist CEOs and other senior individuals within executive search firms, and she is also able to offer her services to a search firm’s candidates or clients.

Whilst at Spencer Stuart, she worked across a broad range of sector practices including industrial, consumer, and life sciences. Within this context she recruited at senior levels for organisations listed in the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, internationally quoted businesses, and privately held businesses including PE.

Christina followed that by moving into the career advisory sector, first at Manchester Square Partners, and later at AGM Transitions where she coached career transition clients and, in particular, helped them to engage with the headhunter marketplace.

Christina’s offering satisfies the need for a senior level career consultancy service which offers a practical and client-tailored approach.

London-based, she continues adding value to the executive search industry in this time of turbulent change. It is her belief that together with ALC Enable she will be able to answer the call for the industry’s ever-increasing level of professionalisation, the growing dynamics of career switching among executives, and the shift to portfolio careers.

Emily Ackert Rutten

Emily Ackert Rutten


Emily brings over 18 years of experience in retained executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, and corporate recruitment management roles, complemented by an MBA in strategy, marketing, and international business.

She has built a repeat clientele of top-tier executive search firms in Canada, as well as multiple corporate clients. She is recognized as an expert in executive search for several industries and functional areas, continuously educating herself on new technologies and sectors.

A key point of interest for Emily is the question of diversity within the senior partnerships of most executive search firms, with individuals from minority groups only just now starting to achieve partner status.

The executive search industry itself needs to get its own house in order, to become far more diversity-conscious and to remain relevant from a changing culture perspective if it is going to be shining the light on the business community with regards to diversity and inclusion.

Emily is excited to be working with ALC Enable’s broad range of clients globally, supporting them with their delivery and helping ALC Enable to promote the embrace of technology within the executive search industry.

Emily is currently based in Toronto, Canada where she lives with her husband and two children. In her free time she dedicates herself to her love of gardening and fibre arts.

Gray Hollett bw

Gray Hollet


For over 25 years Gray has been a leader or a member of teams that have either created or transformed some of the world’s most iconic brands across both the B2B and B2C sector.

In that time his experience and interest has been focused on the evolution and future-proofing of professional service brands.

For 14 years he led the global business strategy, brand and marketing initiatives at Boyden World Corporation as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, working across disciplines and critically reviving a storied brand in the executive search sector whilst supporting nearly 800 partners, researchers, and other staff with team building, business process implementation, and growing local group and global revenues.

Gray understands the nuances of leadership development and talent management across borders and how to manage crisis and future-proof business that enable growth success and succession in professional services and executive search specifically.

His career in cultural anthropology transitioned to exhibition design and management where he developed conceptual plans for national museums across the globe. This work eventually led him to consult with companies in defining and evolving corporate culture, particularly after M&A events.

He loves immersing himself in a company and their products and services, articulating the unique culture and proposition each offers in a visually and verbally interesting way.

He is excited about working with ALC Enable in offering sorely needed services to many search firms that need to define and develop clear business and marketing objectives: sharpen their focus in business operations, client solutions, brand strategy, marketing, and, importantly, succession.

Currently residing in New York, he is an avid ice hockey and lacrosse player, fiction writer, and is also a sailor and racer.

Lauren Finch

Lauren Finch


For more than seven years Lauren was the Director of Global Marketing and Public Relations for DHR International, leading the day-to-day marketing operations.

She managed the global marketing and social media strategy, created and managed all internal and external communications, as well as supervised DHR’s outsourced public relations and design firms.

Working as a senior marketing leader in the executive search industry for years has enabled her to understand the unique marketing needs of a professional services firm.

Her interest in partnering with ALC Enable lies in her desire to expand her professional network and learn of new ways in which she can support boutique executive search firms and their partners by drawing on the extensive knowledge she and ALC Enable possess in this sector.

Lauren has lived in the city of Chicago for more than 15 years where she currently resides together with her husband, young daughter, and senior cat. She has travelled to five continents and her life goal is to make it to all seven.

Jose Leyun

Jose Leyun


Jose has 40 years’ experience in executive search and as a business leader.

He has operated in many different industries—not only in his domestic Spanish market but also internationally—involving varied profiles and levels of seniority, both in times of growth and in times of economic crisis.

In addition to this he also helps clients with leadership assessment, executive coaching, organizational consulting, and talent management.

As a recent Executive Chairman and CEO of a global independent network of executive search firms, Jose has had the unique opportunity of working in over 50 countries, in various cultural settings.

Still to this very day, Jose keeps pace with the ever-changing executive search environment: constantly learning, adapting, testing new tools and theories, experimenting with ideas. He is motivated towards continual personal and professional growth, something he has recognized in ALC Enable as a company as well.

Jose currently lives in Madrid, is a self-professed golf fanatic, and enjoys spending his holidays in Asturias at his little country house.


Jacquie O'Dea


With over 20 years’ experience, including at Spencer Stuart as one of the best global leadership advisory and executive search firms, Jacquie has enabled around 200 research and knowledge professionals across EMEA with recruitment, learning, development, promotions, research, project management, onboarding, teamwork, and collaboration.

She chaired the global Senior Associate Nominations Committee and delivered training for research teams in the US, Europe, South Africa, Dubai, Russia, India, and China.

Jacquie was instrumental in setting up the CFO Practice in EMEA and was appointed to a leadership role as a result.

She has also performed forensic referencing of candidates to support talent acquisition, especially for C-suite or high-profile appointments; given NED advice and executive coaching to help senior executives and aspiring non-executive directors achieve their career goals; and performed client satisfaction surveys.

Her primary motivation has always been to provide organisations with the most adequate toolkit for achieving the highest standards of excellence. It is her firm belief that ALC Enable is the most well-suited business partner for continuing this mission.

Jacquie is a volunteer mock interviewer and coach for Resurgo Trust’s fantastic Spear Programme which helps young people facing disadvantage into work or education. After 35 years, she returned to horse-riding, having been inspired by volunteering for Riding for the Disabled at her local stables.

Leyla Spencer bw

Leyla Spencer


Leyla has more than 25 years of international business experience with a substantial track record in leadership management, business development, executive talent acquisition, team coaching, and P&L administration in the UK and across EMEA.

Leyla offers her clients advisory and coaching services, enabling them and their teams to improve their operating efficiency, develop their commercial and business awareness, align their personal goals, and consider the wider impact of their actions on their business and personal life.

She has country management (SpenglerFox & Kienbaum GmbH), global management (SpenglerFox), and board level (SpenglerFox) experience in executive search internationally. She has an MBA from Liverpool John Moore’s University and possesses an EMCC Senior Practitioner accreditation in executive coaching.

Together with ALC Enable, Leyla will continue applying her executive search and HR consultancy expertise to build businesses and support their sustainable growth, creating a win-win for all parties involved.

British by birth with both a Turkish and an EU citizenship, Leyla is a truly cosmopolitan person. In 2006, whilst a Regional Director at SpenglerFox, she was invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the Queen’s award of Enterprise for International Growth and met with Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, something she remembers with great fondness and pride.


Marleen Rechsteiner


As a consultant Marleen leads the design and execution of communication plans to build on-brand awareness and to generate business leads.

Previously she worked as Head of PR EMEA at Korn Ferry where she contributed to the reputation of the company and their professionals.

With 30 years’ worth of experience in the public relations sector, she has taken responsibility for a wide range of communications challenges, including those relating to change management and the building of a uniform culture after a merger or acquisition.

She has helped with the development of a corporate identity programme for an international professional services firm and coached search firm partners on personal branding. She also managed to obtain coverage for C-suite executives via tier-one media outlets on their thought leadership styles.

As Marleen sees it, new platforms and search technologies result in increased digital transparency. This in turn makes the visibility and accountability of an executive search firm of the highest importance. The best way to accomplish this is by focusing heavily on the company’s branding strategy.

A strong business positioning requires dedication and a holistic approach. According to Marleen, ALC Enable understands this and provides this to their clients.

She authored a book about her experiences with the raising of her special needs’ son in the hopes of helping other parents in similar situations. She loves spending her holidays on the small Dutch island of Vlieland, where no cars are allowed.

Philip Ellis pic

Phillip Ellis


Having completed his first deal in the recruitment sector in 1996, Philip has been exclusively focused on M&A within the recruitment, executive search, and human capital industry since 2006.

He has completed over 100 transactions to date, founded and floated a company dedicated to funding recruitment start-ups, and aided a Japanese company with their first UK acquisition.

With a Chartered Accountant background and holding a Corporate Finance Qualification, Philip dedicates himself to advising clients on acquisition strategies, assisting with identifying acquisition targets, approaching targets, negotiating terms, and managing the deal process through to completion.

He also provides guidance on how to create value in executive search businesses to make them ultimately saleable, including considering matters such as employee share schemes. For owners considering a sale, he provides help with approaching potential acquirers and with the sale process itself, including suitable deal structures which may include an earnout where suitable protections are essential.

“The days of the old-fashioned search businesses are numbered and forward-thinking businesses which are agile and embrace technology will be tomorrow’s winners”, says Philip.

Increasingly Philip sees a desire for search firms to acquire contingency/staffing businesses and vice versa. This is where ALC Enable comes in with their presence in the search market. Both Philip and ALC Enable are committed to leveraging each other’s expertise, knowledge, and contacts to deliver services to clients which neither could deliver independently.

Philip is a Freeman of the City of London and has competed in the European Junior Club Athletics Championships.

Sarah David pic

Sarah David


Sarah clarifies strategy and purpose, builds and develops leadership skills, nurtures and shapes positive culture.

Prior to running her own business, she was Global COO and Head of Anglo-French Leadership Consulting practice at Whitehead Mann and part of the sales team to Korn Ferry, where she took a merger integration role.

A qualified lawyer with an MBA, Sarah works with executive search firms globally, having particular expertise in the UK, US (where she has lived on four different occasions), France, Germany and with pan-Asia teams.

Simone straub b_w

Simone Straub


Simone has been a part of the executive search and recruitment industry since 2005, spending the first 3 years as a consultant before becoming a trainer and coach.

She has helped over 65 executive search and recruitment companies of varying sizes in 12 different countries, on 5 continents.

Throughout her professional career she has offered guidance and advice on best practice for developing and winning clients, managing the hiring process, closing the offer, onboarding, self-organisation, branding, and negotiations as well as building and defining culture.

In addition to sharpening the executive search firm’s client-focused tool kit, Simone simultaneously hones the internal processes and the firm’s ability to market its services to potential clients.

She has decided to partner with ALC Enable because she sees it as a great opportunity to further expand her outreach to executive search firms on an international level, helping them to increase their capabilities, revenue, and profit.

As an extrovert and constantly active by nature, together with her husband she enjoys hiking and cycling in and around the city of Stuttgart, Germany.

Suhail Mirza b_w

Suhail Mirza


Several years ago, Suhail developed Leaders’ Life Mastery Coaching following a personal life crisis.

As a successful inner wellness coach, he works one-on-one with high-achieving business professionals who are looking to find balance and success in all areas of their life. Suhail also delivers tailored webinars to businesses to improve the mental health culture and mindset of their teams.

In 2018, Suhail’s acclaimed book Many Mansions was published. The book, which went on to become an Amazon bestseller, charts his personal journey and is the base for the development of the Leaders’ Life Mastery Coaching Model.

ALC Enable shares Suhail’s commitment to promote the importance of physical and mental wellbeing as a major contributor to business success among professionals within the executive search sector.

Suhail divides his time between Kent and London. He also enjoys spending his days in Andalusia which he describes as his spiritual home.


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